We support everyone affected by muscle-wasting conditions, as well as clinical, education, health and social care professionals.

Getting support

The Muscular Dystrophy Campaign has been supporting families affected by muscle-wasting conditions since 1959, fighting to funding research for effective treatments and cures, as well as providing free care and support to individuals and families affected by muscle-wasting conditions.

Give us a ring

Our friendly staff in the care and support team are available from 8:30am to 6pm Monday to Friday, to give you free information and emotional support. If they can’t help, they will always point you in the right direction of people who can. If you need to talk, give them a ring on our freephone helpline on 0800 652 6352 or drop them a line at info@muscular-dystrophy.org

Get in the know

Whether you need to find out more about your condition, practical advice on adapting your home, or help with fighting for your rights you can find the information you need on our website or from our free publications library. We've developed all of these publications with our supporters' needs in mind, and you can download all of them for free.

The Muscular Dystrophy Campaign has been awarded the Department of Health's Information Standard, a quality mark that recognises our 100 free publications as being high-quality, reliable, evidence-based health information. 

Help and advice

We provide information and advice, supporting more than 5,000 families every year, and an advocacy service to help families and individuals that are experiencing difficulties getting the services they are entitled to. In 2011 alone we secured over £300,000 worth of support that had previously been denied.

 At a time, when I had nowhere to turn, the support service team was there to help. Without their support, I dread to think what might have happened.  Bernie Gamble, School Welfare Officer, helping a young man with Duchenne

Chat to people

Have you ever wanted to talk to someone else with a similar condition to yours? Well, our online forum, TalkMD is the place where you can do just that. You can share concerns and encouragement, or just chat with people who understand what it is like to have a neuromuscular condition. Check it out at: Insert web address

We also have a peer-to-peer support network, MD Links, which puts people living with muscular dystrophy or related neuromuscular conditions in touch with each other, via phone or email. It is a great way of talking with people you have shared similar experiences and understand what you are going through. If you would like to know more please contact the Information Team on 020 7803 4800 or info@muscular-dystrophy.org.

Meet up with individuals and families

At our regional community groups, which we call Muscle Groups, we get individuals and families together with clinicians and special guest speakers to discuss specific areas of living with muscular dystrophy or a related neuromuscular condition, such as education, health issues and regional campaigning. Our local workshops are also useful for meeting up with other like-minded people wanting to know the same things you do

Fundraising can also be a great way to meet new people in your area affected by a condition and raise some much needed funds along the way. We have local fundraising groups set up through the country filled with amazing people raising money for research into cures for muscular dystrophy or related neuromuscular conditions. 

Meet other parents

It often helps just to talk to people who understand what you're going through. The Parents Education Network (PEN), part of the online forum TalkMD, puts parents in touch with other parents so they can talk about the issues they are facing in trying to ensure their child gets the best possible education, particularly around special educational needs. Visit PEN at: Insert web address

A group just for parents of a child with muscular dystrophy is brilliant! I wish someone could have told me about this sooner! It is great to be able to talk to people who are going through this as well." BJsMum, on PEN