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Promising treatment approaches have been developed in the laboratory and their benefit is currently tested in clinical trials.

Research into neuromuscular disorders carried out particularly in the last 20 years has given scientists better insight into how muscles function and the underlying causes of muscle disease. Scientists and clinicians are beginning to express cautious optimism that efficient treatments might be available in the near future. 

This innovative resource - unique in the UK - provides a list of current clinical trials into muscle disease and related conditions in the UK and around the world.

The fact that clinical trials are happening is of huge importance to many of our families and supporters. However information is sometimes hard to find and difficult to understand - key factors in our decision to develop a resource that provides information about trials focused solely on muscle disease.

Information provided here is an overview. To find out more about the trials please contact the investigating clinical team. The overviews should be used alongside information provided by your supporting health professional.

For more information about clinical trials please read our frequently asked questions page or contact us on 020 7803 4813 or research@muscular-dystrophy.org.

This data has been compiled from lots of different sources and is updated regularly. In all cases the information sources are given and, where available, contact details are provided.

We have included all clinical trials to give an accurate picture of the number being held. Unfortunately there is very limited information about some clinical trials but their inclusion gives a more accurate overview.